Selecting a Shedlands, Regency or TGB model

This page will help guide you through using our site to choose the right building for you.  This applies to to

  • Shedlands range of products
  • Regency range of products
  • TGB range of products

Click on Our Ranges to display the different building types and choose. As example “Sheds”

Choose the manufacturer, this can be from a building you have chosen from the brochure or website. If you have not decided then check through each of the manufacturers and compare the models and prices.  In this exmaple we will choose Shedlands.

Locate the type of building you are interested in.  For our example, we will choose a Corner Shed

The buildings unique details page will now be shown giving you a larger picture to help you confirm this is the building you want, the range of available sizes and the starting price.  If the building is OK and the size you want is in the range then you can now move forward to get the full price.  Click on the “Download Full Pricelist” button to open or download the PDF containing all the sizes and prices.

From the PDF Contents page, locate the page number for the building type.  And then you can scroll down to that page

Now you can see the sizes and prices. If you wanted an 8′ x 8′ Corner shed we can see it is £1,278 and a further £131 if you want Quality Garden Buildings to Install the shed.

If you had some additional options in mind, such as a stable door, heavy duty flooring, different style of hinges etc, then go to the end of the price list for a list of the options available

Not sure, then no problem. Click on your browsers back-button to exit the PDF and click on the page’s relevant return-button to go back.  Now repeat for other manufacturers and models until you find the right building for you.  Remember that you if you want any services, such as electrics for your new corner shed for an internal light, please contact us by email or phone for a quote.

Still not quite right, standard sizes not going to fit into your garden or you need an even bigger build? We do offer a bespoke service; call us today to find out how easy it is and to get our best prices.