How to use this site to choose your perfect timber building

We provide buildings that can be configured in two different ways: All of our Shedlands, Regency and TGB buildings come as set models but in multiple sizes along with many additional options.  The Lugarde range, however, has multiple example models that can either be purchased as shown or used as a template and be configured to change shape, size, windows, doors, internal partitions and treatment and many other aspects.

Choose the relevant help topic to the left for further help.

You can also take a look at the Gallery/Videos below to get a better idea of how the configurator works.

If you do not fancy turning your hand to being an architect then not a problem, you can still have the building of your choice. Just give us a call or drop us an email and advise us of the building. We can arrange a site visit and do the design work with you.

Or if you want to create a Lugarde building completely from scratch, then no problem; click here to go to the configurator and use your imagination.

See how the Configurator allows you to take a basic model and change to meet your requirements

From the starting point, change the sizes or add to template
Maybe add a glass sliding wall
Fancy a flat roof instead?
Lets add a side window on one end & a folding door on the other
Choose a different colour
Select the door and frame colours
Add a floor
View the final configuration
That's it. You have your perfect build
Send us your configuration

Watch Lugarde’s own video on how to create a summerhouse with a veranda

Self-Build: Lugarde buildings.

Building your own Log Cabin, Summerhouse, Home Office or Gazebo.  Select the build to see how with Lugarde’s instructional videos.  Then watch the relevant Window, Door, floor and Insulation videos. Or others including installing a mezzanine or installing the decorative bases on Canopies or gazebos.

Learn how to self-assemble a log cabin with a flat roof.

Learn how to self-assemble a log cabin with an apex roof.

In this instruction video you will find out how to assemble your Pro System log cabin with a flat roof.

View our instructional video how to build your pentagonal summerhouse.

In this instruction video we explain how to build your own Prima System Lugarde summerhouse

Assemble your apex roof by yourself; watch our instructional video of the installation of an apex roof on a log cabin or summerhouse in 29 steps.

Do you want to know how to place an ceiling in your summerhouse/log cabin?  Watch our instruction video how to mount a ceiling in 2 steps.

Do you want to lay your floor in your summerhouse / log cabin from Lugarde? View our instruction video how to assemble the floor in 3 steps.

15 Step Guide to mounting a double door in your summerhouse or log cabin

In this instruction video we explain how to mount a window in your summerhouse or log cabin.

learn how to mount insulation in an apex roof of a Lugarde summerhouse or log cabin.

Before you start laying floor insulation in your summerhouse or log cabin, it is useful to divide the floor rules into the building. Cut them to size and place them between the floor lines. Do you need any more information? Watch the instruction video above.

Watch our instructional video to help you to place your wall insulation in 9 steps.

In this instruction video we will explain how to place the adjustable foot in 5 steps. (Including decorative base.)

Do you want to install your mezzanine floor in 3 steps? Watch our instruction video of an installation of a mezzanine floor in a Lugarde log cabin or summerhouse.

Installation of EPDM can only be done with a clean and dust-free roof and must dry and at the right temperature. Refer to the Lugarde Installation manual to find out more about the temperature requirements and then follow the video.

EPDM Roof insulation can only be installed in dry weather and the right temperatures. Do you want to know more? Then read the Lugarde installation manual and watch this instructional video.