Lugarde Log Cabin model B45

This rustic log cabin with a saddle roof offers an amazing amount of space, its two rooms and patio make it extremely versatile.

Log cabin B45 has no less than nine windows with HR++ double glazing*, therefore, no shortage of daylight. This also makes it an ideal study or studio, and not only for the summer months. A little extra insulation also makes it an ideal workplace even in cooler weather.

Size of the model shown: 6m x 6m

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*  note on HR ++ glass.  It stands for High-Efficiency Glass and is an insulating double glazing, consisting of two glass plates that are held apart by a spacer (such as a metal frame) at the edge of the glass. The edges of the glass are closed with a special kit to create a closed unit. In standard double glazing the space between the glass is filled with air but with HR ++ glass, this gap is filled with Noble gas and then the glass is coated on one side to provide additional insulation.