Bentley Apex and Pent in a range of sizes

The Bentley comes with a taller box framed door (6’ 2”) with diagonal bracing on all walls and sides. Also features zinc plated hinges, lock and key and 3 windows. The door can be fitted on either end as standard or either side where higher ridge/eaves chosen.

Sizes from:

1.22m x 1.22m (4’ x 4’) up to 3.66m x 2.44m (12’ x 8’)

Apex ridge heights from 6′ 10″ to 7′ 9″

Pent ridge heights from 6′ 9″ to 7′ 9″

The range also features other upgrades and options including Tanalised, Log Lap or Premier cladding and optional 4’ wide door on the workshop upgrade.

Prices from: £800