The Octagon summerhouses in a range of sizes

There are lots of ways to make your garden more appealing when it comes to enjoying the outdoors, this octagonal summerhouse is the perfect answer, a place to relax and unwind in your garden.

The Octagon comes with half glazed joinery doors fitted with antique hinges, ornate handle and lever lock. 2 fully glazed top hung windows and 2 fully glazed fixed windows and door drip.

The 8’ and 10’ models come with a single door while the Stretched 8’ comes with a double door.

Choice of shingle tiled roof in grey slate, green or red.

Choice of Georgian, diamond lead or square lead windows.

All side panels of the same size are fully interchangeable upon installation


2.44m x 2.44m (8’ x 8’)

2.44m x 2.67m (8’ x 8’9”) (Stretched Octagon)

3.05m x 3.05m (10’ x 10’)

All with Ridge height of 8’ (approx)

Prices from: £3,421